m.Care Provides Robust Monitoring and Engagement For Your Diabetic Client Population

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Upgraded Diabetic Care With Virtual Monitoring, Minimal Resources

Your diabetic patients want 24/7 access to their medical team. With m.Care, your team provides them continual access and care with the same staff resources.

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Predictive and Proactive Monitoring of Your Diabetic Patients

The medication and equipment needs of your diabetic patients are unique. Glucometers, strips, medications and other material may be required to treat their diabetic condition. m.Care monitors all of their information and more, providing real-time data, as well as alerts, to both your patient and your team, if a health situation warrants. Automated message reminders, education and scheduling, provide the resource equivalent of an additional team of experts at a fraction of the cost.

m.Care Patient Engagement Platform and Management Workbench

Scale your diabetes patient management and monitoring with state-of-the-art technology, maintaining or even lowering your cost of care. The m.Care Patient Engagement Platform is a set of patient-centered apps designed to be used by the patient to monitor and manage their health care, while they are away from the hospital.

The m.Care Management Workbench is an easily customizable system that integrates with your care team and the m.Care Patient Engagement Platform. Now your care team can monitor, interact with, and serve multiple patients from one control station.

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Same Resources, Improved Care

With higher demands and more patients, your team is expected to do more with the same resources. Now it can.

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Fewer Readmissions, Lower Costs

Readmission penalties are expensive and drain resources. With proven 50%+ fewer readmits, costs are lower.

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Distinguishing Yourself From Competitors

Technology enables better care for lower costs. The organizations that implement first have an advantage.

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