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Technology to Power Residential and Alumni Programs

m.Care provides HIPAA-compliant technology to enhance treatment programs in-facility, or post-treatment programs once a client returns home. For residential or PHP, clients have 24/7 access to activities, assignments, engagement and education.

Post-treatment, the nurtured relationship helps maintain recovery and boosts referrals. If a relapse occurs, the relationship is maintained for effective refresher treatment.

Man Having Video Conference With Counselor
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Virtual Platform For Non-Insured Clients

Thousands of individuals seek help every day for depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addictions and co-occurring disorders. But the majority of them do not have insurance providers who cover treatment, nor do they have funds to afford a 4-week residential program.

m.Care enables cost effective, professional treatment at a fraction of the cost. Lives, which otherwise would remain adrift, are changed. Families are re-built.

Woman video conferencing with m.Care technology

HIPAA-Compliant Video Sessions

Video Conferencing using HIPAA-compliant software. Especially for clients in remote areas, this feature connects the counselor and client for optimized therapy.

Man Having Video Conference With Counselor

Group Chat With Community

Create HIPAA-compliant group sessions with session playback. Meetings are run by a coordinator, enabling textual or voice engagement and screen share.

Woman completing an assignment on her mobile device

In-App Curriculum Assignments

Curriculum assignments maintain treatment or recovery for at-facility or virtual programs. Pre-scored results or real-time assessment by therapists.

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Text With a Coach or Counselor

Immediate access potential with HIPAA-compliant text messaging to mental health care team members. Ideal for alumni and remote location clients.

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Goal Tracking & Journaling

Ideal for both in-treatment and post-treatment alumni programs, m.Care's goal tracking provides alerts and notices of warning signs.


Full Eating Disorder Integrated Program

With fully developed sections created in collaboration with industry leaders, m.Care provides full-service solutions for eating disorder professionals.

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