Proactive and Predictive Technology Keeps Your Workforce Healthier. Lower Insurance Costs.

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Proactive and Predictive Monitoring

m.Care enables your company to monitor each employee based on their individual health assessment profile and preferences. Identify when at-risk levels are approached to provide preventive options. Incentivize healthy activities and reward education, up-time and a reduction in claims.

What was complicated and costly just years ago, is now easy to implement, cost-effective and appreciated by your employees.

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Interactive Platform to Engage and Reward Behavior

m.Care's interactive platform makes your wellness program enjoyable and unique. Create goals and team challenges, track results and create automated rewards and bonuses.

A healthier workforce makes you more productive and saves you money. In today's competitive market, you can't afford to not have an m.Care-powered wellness program.

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Motivate your employees to stay healthy

At-risk employees are one of the most expensive insurance costs for a company. By monitoring them, you are better able to prevent health issues.

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Reduce Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies like fewer claims and reward companies who have a proven system in place to maintain lower health-related submissions.

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Nurture and Invest in Your Employees

Happier employees are more productive and stay longer. Employees appreciate investment in their welfare and become invested in both their health and success.

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