Leading the Telemedicine Movement with Connected Devices and a Predictive Mobile Health Platform

The m.Care Platform. Proactive instead of Reactive.

There's a new way to provide premium healthcare. The power of m.Care is its proactive and predictive approach to care delivery. m.Care is able to incorporate historical patient data, while also learning from each patient's activities and responses.

m.Care technology both monitors and identifies potential warning signs and notifies both the patient and your care team. Issues are addressed before they become problems. Patients are empowered and able to enjoy life. Your care team is able to provide true healthcare – preemptive instead of reactive.

Elderly woman speaking to her care team via the m.Care tablet

Your Care Team Knows How Your Patients Are Doing at All Times


m.Care's Medication applet enables a patient and a care team to keep track of all medications – not just the prescriptions – being managed by the patient.


The m.Care Nutrition applet allows a patient to easily capture the foods they’ve consumed throughout the day using voice rcognition or by typing the information into the app.


m.Care is highly customizable, allowing you to define any data point needed to be measured. Measurements enable reminders to record any measurement.

Goals and Rewards

The Goal Tracking applet allows patients and their care team to plan health oriented goals. The patient can receive then rewards or accumulate points toward rewards.


Take your patient’s exercise management ritual to another level by personally scheduling the exercise activities you want them to perform on given dates and times.

Patient Education

The Education applet allows you to share electronic educational materials directly with your patient population.

Games/Mental Exercises

The Games applet holds games and exercises that are purchased by the user earned credits. Games are developed by m.Care or by your facility.


The Appointments applet helps patients and their care team stay on top of appointments with reminders and alerts.

Propel your patient care, lower your costs, distinguish your services.

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m.Care Connected Devices

• m.Care has both you and your patient covered. m.Care works with most smart devices, connected to the internet or Bluetooth, to keep your patient and care team connected 24/7.

• m.Care custom designs dashboards for each community to optimize your patient/care provider monitoring relationship.

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Empower Your Team

Your care team is smart, but they're busy. They want technology to help them do their job better and to provide better care for your patients. m.Care makes that happen.

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Better Care – 24/7

Many patients leave your care with ongoing needs...and expectations. Now you can be there for them at any hour, wherever they are. Your ability to deliver care is unmatched.

Senior Couple at home using m.Care remote patient monitoring technology

Reduced Readmissions

Readmissions are expensive, inefficient and expose your facility and team to increased costs and even litigation. Resolving issues in your patient's home is better for everyone.

Truly Predictive, Remote, State-of-the-Art Medicine

The way you monitor and manage your patients is rapidly changing. Pressures to contain costs are significant, as the industry moves to a value-based pay model. As your patient population grows, there is less time available per patient, while readmission penalties soar. These pressures lead to one conclusion: you need a better solution to help you monitor your patients when they are away from your facility to ensure better health and financial outcomes for all.

The m.Care @Home Monitoring System is a unique platform that provides you a full-featured, customizable @home care solution. Composed of two primary parts – the Patient Engagement Platform for your patient, and the Care Management Workbench for your care team – m.Care provides your patients and you with the ultimate in @home care management.

The system can be integrated with your electronic medical records system or it can be deployed as a standalone solution, based on your facility's requirements.