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$225M invested in Healthcare

NueHealth is a global network of physicians and facilities dedicated to transforming worldwide healthcare. Nueterra invests in m.Care to provide leading-edge technology.

Nueterra’s goal is to create a model where high-quality care becomes more accessible and more affordable while enabling industry professionals to connect directly with patients. We develop and manage innovations in three main areas, including: focused-care facilities, integrated provider networks and benefits administration.

Nueterra innovations are yielding positive results across healthcare

In 2002, Nueterra began private equity investments with an exclusive focus on healthcare. With decades of experience and extensive healthcare industry insight, sound investment decisions generate success and create solutions.

Nueterra has invested more than $225 million in more than 100 companies. By aligning partner-companies with capital, Nueterras creates innovative and profitable venture opportunities. Nueterra specializes in generating high-risk–adjusted returns; while providing strategic direction that help expand patient care.


Nueterra’s Approach to Healthcare Investments

Partnering with experienced and talented management teams, Nueterra offers a range of advisory services that strengthen the companies in which they invest. Nueterra helps their partners identify, prioritize and take advantage of potential growth opportunities in the healthcare space.





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