m.Care and COVID-19: Update From President Steve Hendrix

m.Care Has Created New Tools and Capabilities Specific to Coronavirus

Our partner-clients are our sole focus at m.Care. We commit every day to provide the solutions you need to best care for your patient population. During these rapidly evolving days, m.Care has created new, easy-to-use and effective tools for you to serve your populations at risk for coronavirus (COVID-19).

Importantly, the m.Care platform not only has new, robust features to help identify and care for those concerned about coronavirus (and we are adding to the feature suite and capabilities each day). The platform is also ideally suited to provide access, real-time communication, information and care for your entire population.

This helps avoid unnecessary trips to hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices. It also is an important component to support social distancing and combat the spread of the disease.

This week, many clients have contacted m.Care to review capabilities of the platform, and to provide input for desired new features to help combat the virus. We have taken that input and created many new features and additions to the platform. We continue to work with our partner-clients every day to ensure that they are armed with all of the capabilities they need to care for their patient populations.

Here is an update on the important tasks m.Care has completed to help our clients address COVID-19.

We launched the COVID-19 Monitoring Program. The program includes:

  • Daily Surveys for patients to complete
    • Survey Scoring for care providers to assist in risk assessment and coronavirus testing needs. m.Care platform has the ability to monitor temperature, oxygen levels, blood pressure (via in-home equipment), and conduct live video assessments to achieve early detection.
  • Weekly Risk Assessments, With Auto-Alerts, for Care Providers. This survey helps providers understand when a team member has met a threshold of risk for coronavirus. This early warning system is designed for early detection and mitigation of spread.
  • Expanded our platform capabilities and support staff to support large populations. We also are working with each partner-client to ensure rapid delivery of medical equipment to all new at-risk patients within the respective system. m.Care has invested in increased staffing and materials to meet the increased demand from our clients, and for new partner-clients joining our platform.
  • We have made the m.Care platform available to entire patient populations, healthy, ill and at-risk. Registration is quick, easy, and provides instant access to key platform components for newly onboarded individuals. The mobile platform is accessed through both IOS and Android devices, and cost-per-patient is greatly reduced at volume.
  • We are providing latest CDC information and guidance
  • We are providing updated information on sanitizing in-home and care provider equipment.

If you would like to discuss the updates to the m.Care platform, or have questions about your use and integration of the m.Care platform – especially as it relates to COVID-19 – please call us directly at 888.99m.Care (888.996.2273), or email us at info@m.Care.

If you are interested in working with m.Care to provide telehealth solutions for your hospital system, hospital, clinic or care team, please call our customer care team at 888.99m.Care (888.996.2273), or email us at info@m.Care.

We are here to support you.

m.Care President Steve Hendrix

Steve Hendrix

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