We Built the Virtual Care Platform of the Future

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Platform Features, Population Management Software, Technology
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Trusted by Elite Medical Companies and Health Systems

Live Video Conferencing Provides Access to Medical Expertise and Adds the Human Element to Virtual Care
Integrates with Most Fitness Trackers and Bluetooth-enabled Medical Devices
Expert Help & Support, Any Time of Day, Wherever Your Patient May Be

With m.Care, You Are Always Connected for Proactive Monitoring of Your Patients

Proactively monitor your patients 24/7 with immediate alerts and notifications. Communicate with your patients anytime via the m.Care mobile app.

Connecting Medical Professionals & Patients

Connecting your doctors, nurses and specialists with their patients. With real-time data and video access, both you and your patients are assured of your best care.

Device Integration

m.Care makes it easy to gather biometric data through device integration.

Virtual Assistance

Receive real-time vital statistics, pictures or videos, provide patient reminders and actionable alerts and notifications.

Your Care Team Knows How Your Patients Are Doing at All Times


m.Care's Medication applet enables a patient and a care team to keep track of all medications – not just the prescriptions – being managed by the patient.


The m.Care Nutrition applet allows a patient to easily capture the foods they’ve consumed throughout the day using voice recognition or by typing the information into the app.


m.Care is highly customizable, allowing you to define any data point needed to be measured. Measurements enable reminders to record any measurement.

Goals and Rewards

The Goal Tracking applet allows patients and their care team to plan health oriented goals. The patient can then earn badges or accumulate points toward rewards.


Take your patient’s exercise management ritual to another level by personally scheduling the exercise activities you want them to perform on given dates and times.

Patient Education

The Education applet allows you to share electronic educational materials directly with your patient population.


m.Care provides for encrypted text messaging that care team and patients can use to communicate in a HIPAA-compliant manner.


The Appointments applet helps patients and their care team stay on top of appointments with reminders and alerts.

"In our weight-loss study, research participants keep track of their body weight, diet, and physical activity in the m.Care app. Daily tracking within the app helps motivate behavior change through accountability and incentives. Our staff views data real-time and communicates with participants through encrypted messaging. We also use the app to assist with transitional care post-surgery to reduce readmissions. The m.Care app enables us to...improve outcomes and generate cost savings. The m.Care team provides phenomenal IT support and tailors their platform to best meet each individual project’s objectives."

Jill Hamilton, PhD, RD, SCO

Associate Professor, Dept of Dietitians and Nutrition. KU Medical Center

“When I helped build the world's first virtual care center, I knew we needed the best technology available. More importantly, we needed a team that was flexible and able to think innovatively as we were creating an entirely new care delivery model. The choice was clear – m.Care provided the expertise, experience and the creativity to power our success.”

Dr. Tom Hale, MD, PhD, MS

President, Virtual Care Solutions

"We chose m.Care from many other options because m.Care deeply understands the need for blending of the humanist care with technology. Other companies wanted us to focus on their technology and expected us to conform with their approach to care. m.Care has amazing technology, but they understood the need to work closely with us to create a platform that worked exactly for our care team and our patient population."

Rami Karjian

COO, Medically Home

"m.Care gives us the flexibility to cover any population, anytime. m.Care is very patient-focused, and that matches what healthcare systems want to do. Their platform is above others in terms of being able to use it for all groups: physicians, practitioners, nurses, navigators and, of course, our patient population. It allows the flexibility for future growth which we need."

Mark Saxon

President, Virtual Healthcare Consulting

Advance your patient care, lower your costs, and distinguish your services.

m.Care is the Optimum Solution for


m.Care is the Optimum Solution for

Behavioral Health

m.Care is the Optimum Solution for

Corporate Wellness

m.Care is the Optimum Solution for

Concierge Medicine

The Results


Currently, 98% of users/patients report they are extremely satisfied/satisfied with their experience using the m.Care software.


Hospitals using m.Care have reduced preventable readmissions by more than 50%, translating to millions of dollars in savings.


With efficiencies and optimizations hospitals gained after moving to a virtual care model, our clients have seen a reduction in medical spend by more than 30%.

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