m.Care COVID-19 Rapid Response Update

New Platform Additions and Features

In response to the coronavirus, m.Care has added to the platform and is providing new features to aid care teams with COVID-19 monitoring.  

Among the new platform features: 


News Applet. When working with patients, it is important to be able to share new and accurate information regarding their health condition.  Too often, patients find information from unreliable news sources and this information can have negative effects on the way the patient manages their healthcare. 

The News feature in m.Care provides the care team with a method of sharing reliable news and information with their patient population. Care team members can write news articles or share online content that they’ve found to be beneficial to patient care. 

Patients receive this information by way of the m.Care News applet providing the patient quality health information that they can rely on. Care team members are provided with all of the tools needed to aggregate news and to review patient response to the articles that have been shared.

Queued Online Appointments. When patient volumes increase, care teams can find it challenging to manage a growing list of patient requests for time with the care team.  The new Queued Online Appointments feature helps the care team manage these requests.

A patient uses the new m.Care Online Appointment Request tool to request an appointment.  The patient selects the reason for the appointment and includes any additional information that will help the care team in understanding the request. The care team receives the request via the online appointment request queue. 

Requests from the patient are automatically prioritized and can then be serviced by the care team in priority order. Patients are kept up to date with where they are in the appointment queue and are automatically notified when their appointment is about to begin. Queued online appointments integrates with the m.Care video conferencing system to enable quality communication between the patient and care team member at the time the appointment is set to begin.

Stress Reduction Tools. m.Care now includes a collection of stress reduction tools that can be used to advise patients on the best ways reduce stress in a challenging world.  The tools provide meditation and motivational links as well as a collection of inspirational videos which can be shared by the care team with the patient.

Mental Health Surveys. m.Care now includes ready-to-use standard depression and anxiety surveys.  These surveys are integrated with the m.Care notification system for alerting care team members to problems found in the patient’s answers to the survey questions.

During this rapidly-evolving and uncertain time, m.Care is working around the clock to provide new features and support for each of its platform clients. We are available 24/7 to respond to your technical or service needs. 

Does your medical system, hospital, facility or clinic need to implement remote patient monitoring and engagement quickly? Call us today to get started. Our rapid deployment team can have you up and running within days.

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888.99m.Care (888.996.2273)

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