PRESS RELEASE: m.Care Virtual Care Platform Launches COVID-19 Long-Haulers Patient Monitoring

Solution for 10 Million + Afflicted With Serious Lingering Symptoms


m.Care Virtual Care Platform Launches COVID-19 Long-Haulers Patient Monitoring

Leawood, KS (June 1, 2021) – m.Care, one of the leading telehealth and remote patient engagement providers, announced today its COVID-19 Long-Haulers Patient Monitoring Plan. The Long-Haulers Monitoring Plan was developed to address the burgeoning Long-Hauler population across the country. The Long-Haulers Plan complements the existing m.Care COVID-19 Patient Monitoring Plan.

“Statistics show as many as 30% of those who contracted COVID-19 are experiencing persistent, and often significant, symptoms, or Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID (PASC). Those dealing with PASC are known as COVID Long-Haulers,” said m.Care President Steve Hendrix.

“For most, COVID symptoms resolve in four weeks or less. But for others, there are notable long term issues, and the effects can linger for months. With some estimates stating 40-60 million Americans or more were infected with COVID, the estimated Long-Haulers population is likely well over 10 million Americans. Working closely with our healthcare provider partners, m.Care developed the Long-Haulers Monitoring Plan.”

Long-Haulers are generally defined as people with lingering symptoms lasting more than six weeks. 

Now, frustratingly, patients are not getting appropriate care. The result is lost time at work, less time with family, and a reduction of confidence in their health providers. For systems who can implement a cohesive and comprehensive Long-Haulers care program, they have the opportunity to improve outcomes and present a solution for many in their patient population. 

What Does the m.Care Long-Haulers Care Program Look Like?

To care for patients with persistent, yet inconsistent post-COVID symptoms, the ability to monitor them remotely is key.  Daily surveys and monitoring of vitals within the m.Care Long-Haulers Patient Monitoring Plan provide valuable insights. Memory and cognitive skills testing and training help to address the “brain fog” issue that many Long-Haulers are experiencing. Predictive algorithms and rules-based modeling forecast problematic progressions, and proactively alert both the care provider and patient, so that personalized treatment plans can be created or modified.

All data is captured, reviewed, and a personalized program is put in place to help the patient improve. Monitoring Plans accommodate client workflows and assess the incoming measurement and survey response data to alert the care team in real time. 

The m.Care Long-Haulers Monitoring Plan, is focused on those with lingering COVID-19 symptoms, and provides the solution for healthcare facilities looking to implement a comprehensive Long-Haulers Program. 

The m.Care platform has years of proven success with at-home monitoring of patients’ physical and behavioral health. m.Care has powerful built-in tools to help memory retraining, and includes predictive and proactive AI software. That predictive ability is vital to both the neurological and mental health components of a patient’s health. The platform works with virtually all existing hospital systems and EMR platforms, and integrates with over 160 Bluetooth-enabled medical devices. It offers voice recognition, and much more.

Please call us directly at 913.683.4015 to set up a Long-haulers solution demo and see an example of your patients activities monitored by m.Care.  

To contact m.Care and discuss telehealth solutions for your healthcare organization, call 888.99m.Care (888.996.2273) and email info@m.Care.

m.Care is a digital health platform from LifeScience Technologies, and powers many healthcare systems and their virtual care programs. m.Care was competitively selected to power the world’s first virtual hospital, Mercy Virtual in St. Louis, Missouri.



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