Patient Monitoring vs Patient Engagement

Connecting with your patients when they want, where they live

If you’re looking for high quality patient monitoring and engagement when your clients leave your medical center, technology solutions are now available. But not all solutions are created equal.

Are you seeking a proven team of healthcare technologists that have a versatile platform already producing 51% lower readmissions rates and 34% lower costs for critical care teams?

Enter m.Care.

Learn more about how m.Care can help you:

  • Improve patient care
  • Lower your costs
  • Distinguish your services
  • Become more preemptive instead of reactive

m.Care is the cutting edge mobile health, remote patient monitoring software that streamlines healthcare systems, making it easy to access your discharged patients at all times utilizing interactive technology.

When patients are discharged from your medical facility and need to be reminded of medications, daily tips, or if they have any questions or concerns about the status of their health, your hospital or healthcare facility now has the proven ability to immediately record and respond to your patient’s every need and concern. Through cutting edge patient monitoring and engagement, you can now provide around the clock care in a meaningful and proactive way – saving you money and providing deeper, better care for your patients.

What is Patient Monitoring?

Through m.Care technology, patient monitoring occurs when its software records and tracks the patient’s vitals and daily activities in accordance with HIPAA guidelines. Patient monitoring is made easier with the use of technology that seeks to find a solution to make sure patients are connected to their healthcare facility at all times. Technology allows healthcare facilities to record and track the health status of their patients without the patient having to leave the comfort of their own home.

m.Care is a type of telehealth method that monitors patients by recording vital signs and gives emergency notifications to the patient and medical team at the facility. This type of monitoring involves making sure that patients take their medication to stabilize their vitals. Additionally, monitoring encompasses wellness advice and solutions based on the data inputted by the patient and medical clinician.

m.Care software allows the medical team to be connected to the patient 24/7. Patients are monitored through customized applets by tracking and recording progress in a variety of ways such as in exercise management, mental health coping strategies, or nutritional tracking. These monitoring systems are all made for easy access on one mobile device.

What is Patient Engagement?

Patient engagement is not just passively monitoring patients, but reaching out proactively through connecting with mobile health technology. This type of engagement involves providing two-way communication or activity based options to meet the needs of the specific patient.

For example, there are a wide range of applets that include reminders for prescriptions, health tips, exercise activities, wellness tracking, and advice on how to ease physical or mental discomfort. This information is all based upon the data inputted by both the patient and healthcare professional. This type of patient engagement creates open communication options between the patient and healthcare professional to create individually designed care and solutions.

How Does Patient Engagement Work?

There are two types of engagement – medical staff and patient engagement, and patient software engagement. Patients have the opportunity to either get an automated message based on the information of their health status they provide, or they may receive a direct phone call from a medical professional at their facility to provide real-time solutions. For example, the hospital clinician trained in this software is notified if the patient does not respond back to the reminder to take the prescribed medication within an hour. At this point, the virtual hospital nurse monitoring this patient’s data will send another reminder. This type of active engagement is so fine-tuned that if the patient does not respond within a set period of time, say 5 minutes or 30 minutes as determined by the medical staff, then the nurse proceeds to call the patient.

Being proactive is key for patient engagement and it makes the patients feel at ease knowing that their needs and concerns are addressed immediately. For example, if the software records that the patient’s blood pressure is elevated, it will send out reminders of healthy tips to do at that very moment to decrease the patient’s blood pressure. The reminder may include suggesting to go for a walk to elicit the relaxation response or to eat a healthy meal to get the body back in a stabilized and peaceful mode.

Monitoring and communicating between the patient and healthcare clinician is enhanced through m.Care’s software and ultimately improves the health status of patients at a more immediate rate.

m.Care Provides Both Patient Monitoring and Engagement

m.Care software combines both patient monitoring and engagement to provide the data medical professionals need while promoting activity and buy-in from the patient/user. Upon discharge of your medical care facility, there is a flood of questions and concerns patients have about themselves or their loved one’s care and needs. m.Care is always connected to the patient to provide two-way communication to answer questions or concerns.

M.Care transforms 21st century healthcare by providing healthcare industries with the ability to constantly monitor patients in a meaningful and proactive way. The benefits of m.Care are profound and are intended to empower healthcare professionals to provide real-time solutions in real time while also allowing the patient to be in the comfort of their own home. Through 21st century patient monitoring and engagement, m.Care has enhanced the mobile health movement to support the healthcare industry in order to provide the highest quality care to patients.

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