m.Care Client Update – Mercy Virtual

Deeper Commitment Marks Relationship

The doors to the Mercy Virtual Care Center first opened in October 2015. Labeled the first ever “Hospital with No Beds”, they selected m.Care® as their partner to monitor patients from the comfort of the patients’ own home. Today, Mercy Virtual provides continuous monitoring for more than 3,800 patients, intervening quickly when needed. This reduces the patients’ need for hospitalization and helps them live independently longer.

In July of this year, Mercy Virtual renewed its relationship with m.Care with an extended contract. The combined efforts of our two teams will be to continue to grow the number of patients in the program, plus, and maybe more importantly, the creation of new, innovative technologies that will focus on predictive medical modeling for their patients, as opposed to the more common reactive treatment procedures.

Learn more about how m.Care can help you:

  • Improve patient care
  • Lower your costs
  • Distinguish your services
  • Become more preemptive instead of reactive

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