PRESS RELEASE: How to Bring Your Employees Back to Work Safely

Back to Work Mobile Solution Brings Your Workers Back Safely


(Leawood, Kansas) June 17, 2020 –   m.Care ( and Trapollo ( have released a new offering designed to bring your employees back to work safely.  By combining the skills of one of the leading connected health solution and service providers, with the leading mobile platform for remote employee engagement, the team has launched the Back to Work Mobile Solution. This new platform feature demonstrates a company’s concern for the health and safety of its employees, its desire to keep their employees fully informed during this challenging time, and its preparedness for future pandemics, should one reoccur.

Originally designed to remotely monitor people who are ill or dealing with chronic conditions, the m.Care platform has been enhanced to support an employer’s Back to Work initiatives.  The m.Care Company Communications platform provides a technically advanced solution for delivering educational content and secure messages regarding the coronavirus. It also delivers company health and safety policies, workplace health training programs, tips and techniques for staying healthy, what an employee should do if they do not feel well and up-to-date links to and information from the CDC and employee self-assessment tools. 

The employee self-assessment process begins with a set of daily questions to allow the system to track changes in an individual’s health markers.  If the system detects any changes to those markers, it triggers additional questions.  Through the use of Artificial Intelligence (IA), based on protocols from the CDC, the m.Care platform trends the findings, identifying at-risk employees, and provides options as to how best to communicate and manage the situation. 

 “We want to help the employer fulfill their Duty of Care responsibilities,” said Steve Hendrix, President of m.Care.  “But we want to do this in a manner that is inclusive of the employees, keeping them informed and addressing their desire to be safe both at home and at their place of work.”

As part of the Cox Communications family, Trapollo is dedicated to improving the quality of life across communities and is leveraging Cox’s power of connectivity to bring technology where it is needed, providing more effective and continuous care.  

m.Care is a proven leader in the rapidly growing world of telehealth and virtual care.  Together they provide a turn-key solution to the demands for employers to do more to protect their most precious asset – their employee. 

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